• Why Commercial Solar?

    In addition to providing a great return on investment, solar power reduces your energy bills, protects you from increasing energy costs, and increases your property value.


    Solar power helps businesses generate, manage, and use energy efficiently, resulting in money saved.

  • Commercial Solar for Kentucky & Tennessee

    Why Solar?

    Having solar power for your business can serve a number of purposes: it can supply energy to operate your business, it can save you money on your organization's electricity bills, or it can help you meet your company's environmental goals.


    Commercial Solar installation across the country has grown rapidly as solar prices have fallen and options for investing in clean energy have expanded.

    Why Now?

    As solar prices continue to drop and more ways to invest in clean energy emerge, commercial solar installations in the U.S. are booming. Commercial projects range from rooftop solar on local businesses to parking canopies at corporate HQs to data centers with large off-site installations -- they're as unique and varied as the organizations themselves. According to current predictions, solar power is likely to generate roughly 15% of electricity by 2030.

    Bottom-Line Incentives

    The use of solar energy has proven to be a good business decision that offers several benefits. Installing solar for your business can help you...

    • Reduce or eliminate your energy costs
    • Get a 26% tax credit
    • Take advantage of accelerated depreciation tax benefits (MACRS)
    • Increase the value of your property
    • Showcase your business' environmental commitment

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